Emphasising on vision of “The Power of Together”, CoCreates focuses on the well-being of an all-inclusive society, by empowering individuals to transition to the digital age with grace. With the help of CoImpact, CoStudio and Mint it.club, CoCreate uses its expertise in working in the social impact spaces to coordinate and produce innovative campaigns, events and exhibitions that inspire positive social change. CoImpact helps to bring like-minded companies and activities together to help benefit all. CoStudio engages and collaborates with our partners and clients to provide expertise in branding, integrated marketing, experience design, fund-raising, design thinking, conceptual thinking, workshops and events. Mint it.Club helps to bring certification of ownership and trade with transparency to the world for any individual. Staffed by a team of diverse problem solvers, who are driven by corporate responsibility and not the bottom line, CoCreates will always find a way to help you, your company or institution realise its marketing, communication and social objectives.