Unconventional times need unconventional thinking: a new use of language and communication for a new age. Of course, it’s easy to say this, it’s harder to do. This is why we’ve developed Mint It Club’s experimental structure that can be shaped to suit your company’s needs and get results. An NFT Gallery with the ease of fiat currency and an experimental flare to explore the combination of business experience, expertise in research, creativity, design, technology and enthusiam. Utilizing utility and blockchain capabilities to facilitate on an all inclusive society, CoCreates empowers individuals to transition into the digital age. Mint It Club’s unique proposition is not only are we accessible via credit card, on a personal to business growth level, we listen to you, collaborate with you and market you and your collection. Always having your brand equity in mind. in collaboration with CoImpact Lounge we aim to build exhibitions for good (in the themes of Human and Planet) while including our artists in these exhibitions if our intentions align.